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Jacque Salomon

Transformational Coach, Trauma-Informed Lifestyle Wellness Mentor & Coach, Founder & CEO of Angel in the Stone

Jacque Salomon was born and raised on the ancestral lands of the Lenape people (Manhattan, NY) and lives on the home of the Akimel O’odham and Piipaash people (Phoenix, AZ) where she co-founded Seeds to Inspire Foundation 501(c)(3).


Jacque is an American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Health Equity Achieved through Lifestyle Medicine (HEAL) Initiative Committee Member, collaborator/supporter to Let Our Ancestors Rest Campaign, Founding Board Member of SimpleVeg, Board Member for Eat for the Earth 501(c)(3), former Pod Advisory Committee Member for PlantPure Communities and proud former Community Liaison to Stand Up ASU student club. She shares her work and healing journey as a Speaker and supports individuals as a Transformational Coach.

Jacque received her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, is a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, and studied in collective and racialized trauma resilience. She uses these modalities to support individuals and communities arrest and reverse the consequences of the imposed colonial lifestyle on Mind, Body and Spirit and achieve their multidimensional health goals.
A mother of three neurodistinct, indigenous children (her oldest earned his angel wings at the biological age of 11), Jacque battled neglect, discrimination and pushout of her children's brilliant neurodiversity from the Arizona public charter school system. After she was able to secure a balanced and respectful learning environment in which her children were celebrated and championed, she joined the ACLU of Arizona's Demand to Learn Campaign. Why? Because if they were doing this to her with the bandwidth, time, energy and resources to take on this challenge and abuse...what were they doing to children from less advantaged circumstances? Jacque now supports parents of Indigenous, Black and Racialized students with IEPs to navigate the Public School Special Education system.


Through a Whole Plant Foods Lifestyle, meditation, yoga, and psycho-spiritual remediation, she arrested and reversed her own chronic diseases — such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and GERD — and shed 164 lbs. Realizing the profound power we have over our own health, as well as the autonomy she regained over her own body and well-being, Jacque is determined to bring her story and support to communities most at-risk for future pandemics and climate destabilization.

Jacque's gratitude and health are channeled into her work as a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and Intersectional Activist supporting historically marginalized communities in the Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding reservations. Her work is focused on bringing Whole Plant Food Nutrition literacy, whole plant food access and affordability and trauma-resiliency and support to underfinanced, underserved communities by collaborating with grassroots organizations devoted to healing our most distressed zip codes.

My Vegan Story

I have been a Vegan my whole life and I didn’t know it. Veganism, to me, is a way of viewing the world. Another lens through which one filters ideas, perceptions, and understandings of the world. I was born into a culture and society of survival, scarcity, conflict, threat, and violence with some happy times and beautiful human connections sprinkled in and around the landscape of my life.

It was always clear to me that I did not quite “accept” the world I was born into. I was not immune to its conditioning and intention for me, but just aware enough to feel the battle for health, life, and Truth deeply within my soul.


Read the rest of the story here: My Vegan Story by Jacque Salomon


Jacque Salomon, before and after adopting a Whole Plant Foods lifestyle

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