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"I saw an
Angel in the Stone
so I bequeathed you tools
to set yourself free."

Jacque Salomon, Transformational Coach,

Trauma-Informed Lifestyle Wellness Mentor & Coach, Founder & CEO of Angel in the Stone

The Millennial Gaia by Oberon Zell

Recognizing the patterns, making the connections and healing at the intersection of chronic disease, generational trauma, challenging family dynamics, and systemic oppression as a Trauma-Informed Lifestyle Medicine Coach.
I help people
“extract and design”
their personal stories
so they can actualize 
their purpose

Dear Visitor,

I know how challenging and paradigm shifting the past few years have been. The world and its current zeitgeist are powerfully pushing up against the margins of our conditioning, programming and indoctrination. What a blessing! In response to this, you are seeking to raise yourself to the next level. I am in awe of your courage to want to embark on a process of change and transformation.

In order to become a more conscious person, it is key that you are willing to do some inner, personal work. Without focusing on your own inner growth, it will be virtually impossible to raise your consciousness and invite the healthy, balanced, genuine, grounded, authentic being within you to fully actualize. It is only through the raising of our own “inner children” that you can hope to raise awareness of our own conditioning and reactivity. This is why I am here: to show you new ways to relate to yourself so that you can allow others to flow on their own journeys of evolution.

Integrative Health means that we will be utilizing varying Tools and Wisdom such as Shadow Work, Trauma Healing, Lifestyle Medicine, Quantum Mechanics, Meditation and Mindfulness as we support you onto a path of your greatest manifestation. WELCOME TO YOUR TRANSFORMATION.

Thank you again for thinking of entrusting me with this sacred goal. Together we can create positive change in your life.

With consciousness,
Jacque Salomon
Founder and CEO, Angel in the Stone Transformational Coaching


Individual and small-group sessions to support autonomy and healing.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Healing Family Dynamics

Individual and group support: Conscious Parenting Coaching, Special Education Parent Mentoring & Adults Healing from Childhood.

Image by Boris  Smokrovic

Transformational Coaching

Recognizing the patterns, discovering one’s voice, learning where our boundaries are absent and rewriting our stories! Discovering the DreamMaker in You and creating a Life of Purpose.

Image by Aaina Sharma

Health & Wellness Coaching

Developing the skills to adopt lifestyle interventions as a primary modality to treat, prevent and sometimes reverse chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension.

Available to book for...

  • Conscious Parenting Coaching

  • Lifestyle Medicine Coaching

  • Transformational Coaching

  • Speaker / Presenter

  • Special Education Parent Mentor

  • Psycho-Social, Organizational/Group Consultant

Please reach out for a free 30-minute virtual consultation if you would like to explore one of these services.

"I have been searching for years to find someone to help me unravel my childhood trauma so that I can move on with life. Jacque does this with great skill and care. I have never felt better, and more supported. I wish I had known about her sooner. Jacque goes above and beyond to delicately care for my needs, and empowers me to be able to help myself navigate through the issues and fix things, which lifts my confidence and self-respect. Jacque truly understands trauma (among so many other things), the effects, and how to root it out. The respect and care shown to me and my family are incomparable. I am indebted to her and wish everyone going through something has her by their side. She really is an angel in this stone-cold world, and angel in these stone-like issues, that melts them away so that we can all heal as a community."

— A.P. (client)
"Unconscious and Unhealed Childhood Trauma leads to Adult Drama.”
Jacque Salomon
"Angel in the Stone Transformational Coaching has changed my life and guided me in becoming free of the old patterns that were holding me back. Jacque Salomon is compassionate, wise, and a brilliant and gifted healer. Just being in her presence makes you feel more attuned, raising your vibration and opening your heart to the innate potential we all have to become our best and truest selves.

As a trauma survivor, I find it incredibly valuable that Jacque is a skilled, trauma-informed practitioner who understands triggers so that she can guide her clients in discovering the deeper sources of pain and distress. This approach has helped me create a new paradigm of self-awareness and self-love, and through this, to recover from childhood trauma and narcissistic abuse. She deeply listens with both mind and heart and recalls with great accuracy what I have said in the past, helping me to forge connections between my various experiences  and thought patterns in order to integrate and become whole. I cannot recommend Angel in the Stone Transformational Coaching strongly enough, and I encourage anyone who is seeking healing to work with Jacque Salomon!"

— (She / Her) College Lecturer, White-Bodied Anti-Colonialist and Ally, Feminist, Vegan, Artist
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"Working with Jacque has been incredibly helpful. When we started working together I was at a very low point in my life...Had I not had her for support, it would have been very tough navigating that dark time. Jacque's work helped me focus on what was good in the present and create a picture of what could be in the future. I like this a lot more than traditional therapy which focuses on what is wrong, what caused that wrong and why things are still broken. I didn't want to be seen as broken and Jacque doesn't see anyone that way. During our time together I was able to re-emerge as a new, more actualized, better version of myself with many good things happening in my life. Jacque's work is truly transformational and I am very grateful for all her help."

— Chiropractor, Author, Plant-Based Practitioner
"The Power to Create with Language comes from absolute coherence, alignment and integrity between what we think, say and do.”
— Kimba Arem, Molecular Biologist & Music Therapist
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